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With our experience as a broker, owner and developer, we offer professional consulting services as well. We have experience in a wide variety of asset classes, including but not limited to, office, retail, and multi-family. In addition, we have a diverse background in creative financing structures and incentives, including federal and state historic tax credits, new market tax credits, ch. 100 and TIF. Finally, due to our unique experience from working on projects in different areas of the country, we can offer insight or ideas that might be completely missed due to other people's familiarity and complacency. 
While we can provide value almost any stage, the sooner we get involved the greater the value we can deliver. While all consulting work is done a fee basis, if given the chance we would always prefer to roll most if not all of it in for equity. We don't want to make money unless you make money. We are more than happy to provide you an estimate for free. Please see the links below to some of the projects we have worked on. Unfortunately, due to the confidential nature of our work, we can't post publicly about some projects till they are completed. For more information on our background, please contact us.
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