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Our Story

Brain Group specializes in identifying unique and undervalued assets for repositioning and/or redevelopment. We can help achieve your property goals through our experience in developing, consulting, financial analytics, and asset management. 

We prides ourselves on a value creation first, compensation second approach. We always put our own capital in each deal. We make money when you do. For that reason, each investor becomes a partner and a core member to the Brain Group family. Our experience in real estate investment and our expertise in financial modeling and analysis will ensure that each deal will add exceptional value to those partners and their portfolios. 

What's Our Recipe for Success? 

  • No fees to get in or out of our deals

  • We put our promote alongside investors

  • We put skin in the game 

  • We stay local 'cause we know local

  • Ensure we can always affect change 

  • Transparent and continuous reporting & analysis

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